Abu Sufyan’s and his wife’s advice to their son Muawiya when Umar appointed him governor

When Muawiya came back from Syria, of which Umar had appointed him
governor, he went to see his mother Hind.

She said to him,

“My son, rarely has a free woman given birth to one like you, and this man has appointed you governor; so, do what pleases him, whether you like it or not.”


Then he went to see his father Abu Sufyan. He said to him,

My son, this group of Emigrants have preceded us in adopting Islam and we came to it later; so, their precedence has raised them and our lateness has reduced our rank. We have become followers and they have become leaders.


And now they have appointed you for a great task; so, do not disagree with them, for you are running toward an end that you have not reached; and even if you have reached it, you will breathe easily in it.”


Muawiya said, “I was amazed at their agreement on the idea, although their words were different.”


[Al-Iqd al-Farid, page 34]