The masked man

Jihad is one of the fields during which showing off can take place, because not everyone who carries a weapon and fights with the Muslims is sincere. We have already mentioned the Prophetic narration of those who would be thrown in Hell first, and one of whom was a person who fought Jihad but was not sincere.

Our Salaf used to hide themselves in Jihad because they recognized the importance of sincerity in it; one of them would hide himself and no one would recognize him. The
following is one such story exemplifying this:

‘Abdah ibn Sulaymaan (rahimahullah) was with a brigade which included ‘Abdullah ibn Al-Mubarak (rahimahullah) fighting against the Romans.

‘Abdah said:

When the battle started and the Muslims faced the enemy, a man came out of the rows of the Romans and challenged the Muslims to send someone out to fight him alone. A man from the Muslim brigade came out, chased him and killed him. Another Roman came out challenging this Muslim fighter, and this Muslim killed him as well, and then a third came out, and the Muslim chased him and killed him. People went to this brave Muslim fighter wanting to know who he was but found him masked.”

‘Abdah said:

“I was among those who went to know who he was, and so I took hold of the mask and pulled it off and uncovered his face, and discovered that it was ‘Abdullah ibn Al- Mubaarak.”


Abdullah ibn Al-Mubarak (rahimahullah) said in a censuring tone:

“O Abu ‘Amr, even you take part in this and expose me!


[Ref: Taareekh Baghdaad (167/10)]


Indeed death is an honor for every Muslim who meets Allah: Ibn Mubarak

Imam Ibn Mubarak said:

“Know O my brother that indeed death is an honour for every Muslim who meets Allaah whilst being upon the Sunnah, and truly to Allaah we belong, and truly to Him we shall return. And to Allaah do we complain about our loneliness, the passing away of the brothers, the scarcity of helpers and the emergence of bidah. And to Allaah do we complain about the magnitude of that which has occurred to this Ummah due to the passing away of the scholars and Ahlus Sunnah, and the emergence of bidah.


And I say as Ibraaheem At-Taymi said:

‘O Allaah! Protect me through your religion and the Sunnah of your Prophet from differing about the truth, and from following desires and the paths of misguidance, and from the Shubuhaat Al-Umoor –the affairs that are made to resemble truth but are falsehood in reality, and from deviation and (blameworthy) argumentation.”

[Kitaab Al-Itisaam of Imaam Ash-Shaatibee (rahimahullaah) page: 57]